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Chibi!Hetalia x Reader:Canada
"[Name], can you walk my dog? I know your suppose to do it on Friday but can you do it today?" Asked one of the people that you walk dogs for, then a small do was placed in your arms. You felt a wet Tongue on your cheek. The dog squirmed in your arms. "Okay, sure!" You said, the man smiled; "I won't be back for a few hours so you can take her to your house." He said and ran to his car and drove away. "Okay! Lets go!" You said kissing the small dogs face.

The warm breeze ran over you soft  skin as you looked up to the sky. *sniff* "Brother, you suck!" Shouted a voice that was so soft you had to stop walking and follow the sniffing. Then in the side of the rode was a small boy with dirty blond hair that was slightly wavy and a strange curl that came from the top of his head.

You walked up to him and sat next to him. "Hun? Are you okay?" You asked gently touching his shoulder. The boy looked at me, his eyes red from crying. "My brother! He's the biggest jerk every!" He wined softly, "who's your brother?" You asked letting the dog sit between you and the small kid.

"Alfred!" He gentle shouted bawling his fists. You gasped; Alfred? "A-Alfred F Jones?" You asked biting you lip. "Yeah, I'm Matthew. His brother." You hand started to shake. This cute little boy is Alfred's brother?! "What's your name?" Matthew asked petting the puppy.

"[First name] [last name], I go to school with Alfred. He's on the foot ball team, very popular!" You said rubbing the back of your neck. "Matthew smiled and then got up. Do you want to come to my house?" Pulling gently on your arm and got you up. "Is that okay?" You asked to the once sheepish boy. "Yeah! Beside, Francis won't mind!"

Matthew said dragging you down the sidewalk with the dog at your feet following you. "Who is Francis? Is he like your brother or something?" You asked still holding on to the hand of a cute sandy slightly curly haired boy. "No, he's my dad!" Matthew chimed in a super cute voice that you had to restrain your self from squealing and snuggling him to death.

"Oh, I didn't know that, Alfred never talks about his dad." You said placing your [coloured] hair behind your left ear. "That's because Arthur takes care of him." Matthew said as you both turned the corner and approached a pretty looking house with 2 rose bushes on the sides. You shook your head slightly at the thought.

Matthew knocked on the front door and waited for someone to answer. after about 5 minutes he reached into his pocket and took out a spare key. "Francis is Probably out with Gilbert and Antonio. Come on in [name]." Matthew said calmly and let you enter his house first. You took notice that he took off his shoes right away, so you did the same. "My friend Kiku said that its always polite to take off ones shoes when entering someone else home; and even your own."

Matthew said hoping to the kitchen. "Alfred?! What are you doing here?" Matthew asked softly entering the kitchen. You looked at the small child and your eyes trailed up to see Alfred stuffing his face with ice cream. "Hey Matty!" Alfred said with his mouthful of food. "What are you doing here? Your suppose to be with Arthur." Matty said ruffling his shirt. "Oh, yeah. Fuzzy eyebrows and I got into a fight about if Tony; my alien dude friend is better then. Stupid flying mint bunny." Alfred said Swallowing the ice cream. And making hand movements.

"And why's [Name] with you?" He asked picking up the bowl and eating a spoon full or more. "She saw me crying, when you left me. Saying that you were going back to Arthur's house!" Matthew shouted. But again it was so soft the whole house had to be quiet to hear him. "Oh, cool." Alfred said licking the rest of the bowl and placing it in the sink. "Well, the heros going to go play some football! See ya!" He said slipping past you and out the front door.

"That bastard! Why can't he just be at his own home?!" Shrieked Matthew as he kicked a pantry, but quickly recoiled in pain. Slumping to the floor and grabbing his toe. "You quickly ran over to the crying child and scooped him up in his arms and caries him to the bathroom.

After placing the sobbing Hurt child on the bathroom sink you slowly took of his left sock and recoiled in shock. There on his big to was a Geyser of blood. Poor Mattys toe nail had been split. You took a deep breath and looked under the sink and searched for a first aid kit. "Now it's going to hurt hun, okay?" You cooned to the simpering Child as he looked away from his bleeding toe.

You opened a brown bottle of peroxide and swished it onto a cotton ball and as gentle as you could be you patted it on his bleeding toe. Poor Matty reached over and grabbed the shoulders of your shirt for the pain a a little to much for him to bear. "[Name!!!!], it hurts!" He sobbed. You took off the damp soaked with blood cotton ball. "Now lets wrap it up." You said sweetly putting the peroxide away back into the box and took our some bandage wraps and wrapped his toe.

When that was done you saw that Matthew was more adorable than ever. He still had. Tears in his eyes, as he was reaching for you. You smiled and picked up the child. "Are you hungry?" You asked placing Matthew on the couch. "Yes, please." He said reaching for the remote that was on the floor and turned on the tv. "What do you want?" You asked. "[Name] can I have pancakes?" He asked looking back at you.

You smiled at him and nodded. You walked into the kitchen and got everything you needed to fix pancakes and placed the items on the counter. Then you grabbed a apron and tied it around your wast and started to make them.

You sat next to Matthew. Watching him slowly stuffing his face with pancakes. "Dish ish good [Name]!" Matthew said smiling at you and setting the plate filled with pancakes drowning in syrup. Them the sound of a door opening, "Matty! I am home!" Shouted a French voice, You turned your head to see a man with long blond hair walking to us. "Who are you?" He asked as Matthew set the plate down and ran to the man. Ignoring the pain in his toe.

"Daddy! This is [Name], she helped me when I hurt my toe." Smiled Matthew as his father picked his son up and hugged him. "Really? Thank you [name]. I'm Francis." Said the man holding our a hand to you and you shook it. "Nice to meet you." You said smiling politely. "Daddy, can [name] visit tomorrow?" Matthew asked looking at you then his father and back at you.

Francis looked at you and smiled. "If she wants to sure." You smiled and nodded. "Alright, then how bout next week?"
Summer schools over and so heres Canada!!!!

Allied forces

Canada: Here

Axis powers:



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