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June 3, 2013
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My first Hetalia x reader and its Dedicated to my 2 Favorite Russia's and Human names will be used!
[name] had woken up around 11 am to get ready for her new job at [random name] daycare. Her [h/l] [h/c] hair was tied back by a hair tie. She poured herself [fav warm drink] in her Thermos cup. And headed to her new job.

"[Name]! Good to see you I'm Sally your co-worker. We set you in the 3-5 year old room. Follow me." Said [Name's] Co-worker. She smiled and pulled her jacket over her [fav show] shirt and walked down a blue coloured hallway and into a large room. "Everyone this is Miss [Name] she will be working her from now on." Said sally to the little kids in the room.

"It's very nice to meet you." [name] said softly holding back the squeals that the little children brought into her. "Mrs.Sally? Can we play outside?" Asked a small child with wild blond hair dressed in a red Shirt and black jacket. Mrs.Sally crouched down and rubbed the boys head. "Sure Mathias." She said smiling. [Name] shuffled her feet and followed Sally and the kids outside. Many ran for the Swings, others went on the two large Play sets.

But on child huddled in the corner caught [Names] eye. She softly walked over to the creamy coloured haired child. "H-hi." [name] said leaning over the child's shoulder. "Privet?" Asked the child in a russian accent with large purple orbs for eyes. "What are you drawing?" [name] asked sitting down next to the boy.

"Sunflowers. I love them. Do you?" Asked the child as he pulled on his creamy scarf. [Name] looked at the sloppy yet Reasonable art done by a 4 year old. Sunflowers covered the concrete walk way. "Yeah there Pretty cool." [Name] said grabbing a [fav/c] chalk and drew her own flower. "But I love [fav/flower]." The boy looked at [names] hand as it shaded the flowers petals.

"What's your name?" [name] asked the little boy. "Ivan Braginski." The boy said. "Hey Miss.[name]! Can you play with us?" Asked a boy with sandy blond hair and glasses. [name] was about to speak but felt a tight pressure wrap around her left arm. [name] looked down to see Ivan holding her and staring at the boy with a creepy smile. "No. Miss.[names] my sunflower!" He shouted.

The boy infront of the two poured and puffed his cheeks. "Come on Ivan. She's not yours!" He shouted, "How bout, I play with all of you! That seems fair right Ivan?" [name] asked picking the russian child up and placed him on her hip. Ivan's cheeks glowed a light pink and he wrapped his scarf around [names] neck.
In the Process Ivan also wrapped his arms around [names] neck and pressed his cold cheek onto [names].

When it was 12 everyone found a place to set their blankets on the floor and fell asleep. Sally gathered all of the trays that the children used for lunch and placed them a cart. "[Name?]" whispered as soft russian voice. "Go ahead." Sally chucked pushing the cart out of the room and closed the door.

[name] smiled and walked over the sleeping children turned down the CD player to a lower volume and sat next to Ivan. "What's the matter?" [name] asked Ivan. The small russian child held his Personal sunflower blanket and laid on [Names] chest and fell asleep. [name] smiled and wrapped her arm around Ivan's body so he wouldn't roll off and fell asleep as well.

                         2 pm
"So how was Ivan? I hope he wasn't to much trouble today. " Asked a young woman with short hair held back buy a yellow head band. On her hip was a child dressed in a blue dress with a blue bow in her hair. "Yes he took a large liking to our new worker;[Name]." Sally said smiling showing the Woman the proof for Ivan and [Name] were still sleeping when the rest of the children had already gone home.

"B-big brother!" Wined the child on Ivan sisters hip. She let Natalia go and let her crawl to Ivan and she pulled on his scarf. "No!!!! Go away!" Wined Ivan waking up and hugging [Name] tighter. "Gah!" Shouted [name] as she loosened Ivan's grip on her neck. "Go away go away!" Shouted Ivan running around the room trying his best to get away from his little sister.

"[Name!]" Ivan wined climbing up [names] body. [name] held him and laughed. "Thank you sunflower!" Ivan Chimed and kissed [Names] cheek.
A little thing that I want to do for all my watchers and for anyone that likes Hetalia; Chibified!!!!! If you have any country requests I'll do them but first Chibi!Russia

Allied Forces


Axis powers





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